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In the course of the economic activity of people makes various substances. All made substances with use of both renewable, and not renewable resources can be shared into four types:

Initiators in the course of interaction with DNA cause irreversible somatic mutations, and small enough very dose of the initiator, assume that for this influence there are no threshold values of concentration below which it is not shown.

Pollution and waste of power objects are divided into two streams: one causes global changes, and another - regional and local. Global pollutants come to the atmosphere, and at the expense of their volume

The person in the course of the activity makes a huge amount of chemicals which negatively influence environment. But at present it has no such technology which would do activity of the person absolutely waste-free.

Waste arises at all stages of receiving the final product, and any final product after consumption or use becomes to waste therefore it is possible to call the final product the postponed withdrawal. All waste gets to environment and joins in biogeochemical circulation of substances in the biosphere. Many chemical products join the person in biogeochemical circulation in scales on much exceeding natural circulation. Some substances sent by the person to environment were absent in the biosphere (for example, hlorftorugleroda, plutonium, plastic, etc.) earlier therefore natural processes long enough do not cope with these substances. The huge harm done to organisms is a consequence.

Of course, in comparison with power and transport global pollution by means of chemical industry is small, but it too rather notable local influence. The majority of organic semi-products and the end products applied or made in branches of chemical industry is made of limited number of the main petrochemical products. When processing crude oil or natural gas at various stages of process, for example, distillation, catalytic cracking, removal of sulfur and alkylation, arise both the gaseous, and dissolved in water and dumped in the sewerage waste. The remains and waste of technological processes which are not giving in to further processing concern to them.

Many chemicals interact with organism enzymes, changing their structure. As enzymes catalyze thousands of chemical reactions, becomes clear why any change of their structure deeply influences their specificity and regulatory properties.

The metabolism of cages can be broken under the influence of chemicals. Reacting with hormones and other regulatory systems, chemicals cause uncontrollable transformations, change a genetic code.