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Thus, all works on carrying out repair, reconstruction of networks and communications, work on improvement are made is coordinated with the interested enterprises and are under control of the first deputy head of administration.

In practice the grant size on transport enterprise is defined as excess of expenses over the income, with allocation of additional resources in fund of economic incentives. PATP makes also the estimate of expenses according to social standards.

Financing of a national economy is connected with providing with financial resources the expenses arising in development of the sphere of production of goods. Process of financing of a national economy represents an order of granting means to economic entities and the monitoring system behind their target use both from the state, and from economic entities.

The grant size to transport enterprise is subject to specification according to the made decision on indexation of a settlement tariff, and also taking into account possible change of tariffs for the population for passenger traffic.

As it was shown in work, a key element of management of a national economy is the funding mechanism which is connected with providing with financial resources the expenses arising in development of the sphere of production of goods and services;

Many ministries, associations, associations create the centralized funds and reserves which are spent substantially for expansion and improvement of the organization of productions (innovative funds, funds of scientific and design works, conversion of the defensive enterprises and others).

Financing of the enterprises at the expense of investors favourably and effectively, but is often difficult. Potential investors can be involved in financing of various projects, counting thus on participation in profit of the enterprise or on receiving part of the made goods and the rendered services.

Payment for the performed works due to the lack of means in a monetary form is made very seldom and in insignificant volumes. Clearings and barter which negatively influence a financial condition of the enterprises are generally applied. To the organizations, owing to the objective reasons, for repayment of mutual debt it is necessary to take goods not always necessary for this period and to find possibility of its use in repeated clearings.

Structural divisions of the PTZhH-1 and PTZhH-2 enterprises are the housing and operational managements (HOM) which function on separate sites of the city and directly are engaged in service and the maintenance of housing stock of the city.

as preference shares most often are termless, issue of these actions does not lead to essential reduction of cash flow as it occurs at loan financing in case of payments on account of repayment of a principal debt.

The enterprises having opportunity to perfrom partial cost accounting (the enterprises which are rendering obligatory services to the population, but having possibility of receiving independent the income. Such opportunity appears in cases, when:

Offers on indexation of a settlement tariff are prepared by PATP in process of change of wholesale prices for fuel and lubricants and other materials, fund of compensation and is approved by local administration. Increase of fund of compensation at indexation of a settlement tariff cannot exceed the level provided in the industry tariff agreement.

Expenses according to the maintenance of the service personnel: a salary with charges to janitors, elevator operators, cleaners, expenses on acquisition of overalls for this personnel, ensuring protection of its work and safety measures.

In the conditions of expansion of independence of producers the share of own means in financing of expanded reproduction increases. It is possible to carry profit of the enterprises, depreciation charges, intraeconomic reserves to own means. Joint-stock companies widely use on these purposes of means mobilized by issue of shares.

The most safe situation develops at the enterprise of city transport of PATP where expenses are covered by own income for 77,02%. It is rather high rate if to consider that the most part of the population uses travel privileges in passenger transport.