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The following types of long-term loans are allocated: on construction of garden lodges and improvement of garden sites, on capital repairs and purchase of the house in rural areas, on construction and capital repairs of houses, on purchase of apartments, on purchase of cattle, on building of outdoor constructions.

Deposit operations - actions of the same workers for placement or attraction to itself of deposits, their return and payment of the due percent. The main subject of deposit operations - a contribution as the sum of money or other values which is located, comes back, paid.

The finishing, most important stage of process of management of risks - prevention of emergence of risks and their minimization. The corresponding ways together with ways of compensation of risks make the content of so-called regulation of risks.

Minimization of risks is a fight for decrease in losses, differently called by risk management. This management process includes: anticipation of risks, determination of their probabilistic sizes and consequences, development and realization of actions for prevention or minimization of the related losses.