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To carry out the general deleting of information to RPZU, and then repeated reading of the initial block of data, since the address A = Be convinced that information in the set massif corresponds to an initial state and RPZU is prepared for repeated programming.

The DDZ tire shaper carries out function of the switchboard providing the set transfer of four-digit words of data. For this purpose three various groups of inputs and outputs are provided in a chip of DDZ.

The purpose of the real work is research of features of functioning of the big integrated schemes (BIS) of the reprogramiruyemy constants of memories (RCM) in the mode of record and reading of information.

The key defining parameters of memories are the information capacity and speed. As a unit of measure of information capacity are used the bit representing one (any) category of binary number. Derivative units are often used:

Semiconductor RAMS provide record, storage and reading of information arriving from the central processor or devices of an external computer memory. They are characterized by high speed, however at power off information which is written down in 0ZU of this type is erased.