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AIFF (Audio Interchange Format) - the format of an exchange of sound information especially widespread on the Macintosh platform. It is widely applied in multimedia appendices, but is not standard in Web;

From the systems which are well working at low speeds, the Free Tell program can represent a certain interest. It attracts, first of all, with the small size (about 300 to and quite good quality of a sound. Also that the program extends free of charge is important.

First adequately to squeeze sound data for potochnovy transfer, it is necessary to endow quality of sound transmission. Secondly, protocols the Internet are not adapted for a continuous line exchange. Everyone who during some time had to work about the Internet, undoubtedly, faced periodically arising delays.

At the same time MPEG is not so widespread as many got used to consider, both development and standardization of MPEG is not finished yet (the new MPEG-standard now prepares. And, despite high quality and high efficiency of transfer, hardware and software of coding and decoding of MPEG are still not so widespread.

Against abstract disputes on the future the Internet, about the protocols and standards urged to provide introduction of the latest technologies is pleasant to observe how one of them – transfer of sound data – develops practically. And in this concrete case purpose of information is clear and her consumers are known. The developed sound technologies are scaled, are guided by already existing standards and are ready to transfer in more high-speed networks as soon as those become reality. Then on a network sound streams with quality of CD and without any breaks will be transferred.

Having installed the program of an Internet telephony on the computer, the user will not lose opportunity to contact the person who is not owning the computer. On the contrary, the computer will significantly expand possibilities of communication and will facilitate dialing. Fully to use possibilities of Internet phone, it is necessary to subscribe for services of provider of an Internet telephony.