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Considering that life thanks to a general rationality is unified, Aristotle brings thinking to provisions without which the rational knowledge would be impossible. There is no separate life of ideas-sushchnostey and sensual things. Otherwise the rational knowledge of empirical reality loses objective value as ideas essences appear outside knowledge available to it. The eidos should be understood intelligent, as a sensual form of a sensual subject. Therefore, knowledge of truth, thus, that its essence is finally moved to human reason and is understood as correctness of the judging statement (Metaphysics of VI, 4, 1027 b, 25. ), can and has to be based on substantiality because the general (ideas) as the subject of true and false judgments is in the things available to the diskursivny analysis. The knowledge is got by means of logic — deep grammar of general rationality!

Aristotle distinctly understood the line of the understanding of the main at Platon. If ideas not one with things how they are involved the last? In what things join ideas both completely and partially? (Metaphysics of XIII, 4, 1079 5 - 1079 b. Wishing to correct the teacher, Aristotle to seek to identify idea with its material carrier. He argues as follows: if reason and good, according to Platon, in the supersensual world same, as well as in sensual and empirical, we find the same in the first that in the second therefore ideas have to be not necessarily isolated and independent at all, for their knowledge there are enough properties of usual thinking as they make organic part in a chain of world unity.